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Radstock Ministries is committed to:

gospel priority 

Jesus Christ made himself nothing, being born into the world for the glory of His Father and for the salvation of His people. 

Therefore we are committed to putting the Good News of Jesus Christ, a passion for God’s glory, and involvement in His mission before our personal interests. 
We will depend on God, living lives that are servant-hearted, sacrificial, risk-taking and flexible because the gospel has priority over our comfort, preferences, security and traditions. 

church community 

The Christian life is not an individual pursuit. Believers are united with Christ and each other, living and serving together in local expressions of his body – the church.
These church communities are at the heart of God’s strategy for mission. 

Therefore our projects and ministries are always rooted in local church life and growth.
In the context of local churches, the fullness of the Good News is demonstrated and proclaimed as believers live out their faith together, and bring light to the dark corners of their localities. 

humble orthodoxy 

We are united in Christ and commanded to love one another.  

Therefore, confident in the gospel, we will work together with love, respect and humility, recognising that among evangelical churches around the world, there is a diversity of culture and belief on secondary issues.
We endeavour not to allow these differences to stand in the way of gospel ministry. 
We do this in mutual submission to Scripture as our final authority, the reliable and sufficient Word of God. 

intentional partnership 

Churches working together, across ethnic and cultural divides, witness to the glorious diversity and unity of the body of Christ. 

Therefore we aim to move beyond theoretical unity to relationships of trust and tangible cooperation between churches in and from diverse cultures. 
We believe churches can do more in the service of Christ together than they can on their own, sharing experience, expertise, cultural understanding and resources. 

multiplicational growth 

We are biblically persuaded that the church is God’s mission strategy and see mission, not maintenance, as the only biblical ethos of church life.  

Therefore we are committed to the multiplication of local churches. 
We want to catalyse a missional vision within existing congregations, with a focus on churches collaborating to plant new churches which in turn plant more churches – to the ends of the earth! 

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