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40 People Are Given Bibles In A Remote Albanian Village

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

Many churches in the Radstock Network have to think creatively about how they can evangelise, and share the good news of Jesus.

In places like Albania, Islam is by far the largest religion. So to strike up a conversation about Jesus can sometimes create hostility and an unwillingness to listen. When churches in these places reach out and love their communities in a surprising way, the doors soon open for conversations about faith.

Living Water Church in Berat Albania saw an opportunity to do just that at a recent event they hosted!

An Evangelism Event In A Remote Albanian Village

The team at Living Water Church decided to go and evangelise to a poor, remote village, by supporting them with medical care.

This sort of event creates intrigue! Care was being shown in a big way, and conversations suddenly began to flow. The church and event as a whole was warmly received by the small village community - the team "had such a great impact" there!

Over 40 people came to meet the doctor and receive a check up, and every single one of these people received prayer and were given a Bible to take home too.

Pray For Open Hearts To Jesus

After leaving the event, the team believed it was a success and wanted to share the news with you as soon as possible.

They hope that this will be a day that those 40+ people will always remember; 'remember that day when a team of Christians from Berat came to us and showed us care and love!' they might remark...

The team are praying for something more though... that these people would open their brand new Bibles and read of Jesus, who came to people just like them. He came to show them love, and provide them with something far greater than a simple 'health check-up'.... but to purchase them new life with His blood on the cross.

Please join Living Water Church in Berat, Albania - and be praying for these people!

Pray that they would have open hearts to welcome Jesus into their lives!

Will You Pray For Churches In The Radstock Network?

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