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5 steps on how to reach University students in the post-modern world (of Ukraine)

Posted by Max Tikhonoff on

How can we reach out to the University students in Ukraine? Our evangelistic cross-cultural student summer camp has turned out to be very successful ministry for several years and for several churches in Ukraine. Why was it successful? The answer can be packed into 5 critical points. Those fit us very well here in Ukraine, but we hope it may also be useful for you.

Don’t hide you are Christian, but don’t stick it out at every corner

People should know who we are and we should not deceive them by pretending we are something else, other than the church. This is important. The post-modern society is very sensitive to the church’s mistakes and will use them as an excuse not to listen to our message. We need to give them what we promise and not to surprise them that we are Christians. Be honest.

 Propose something useful to them

New culture is crazy about learning and searching. Yes, it’s mostly self-centered, but the message of the Gospel is also very personal and is about the state of each individual person – repentance and salvation is personal. This craving for knowledge gives us a wide range of opportunities to reach out to people with the answers we have about their inner self. They want to become better people – we know how. Find ways that you can serve the world, the society and culture. Use the knowledge you have to develop friendships. Believe me, they will appreciate even something as simple as Christians teaching them English.

 Bathe them in the fellowship

What is the 25 years old IT guy, that makes a fortune of money, spends all his time with a laptop and doesn’t need free soup, missing in his life? Real, true and sincere fellowship. What is the most striking thing we as Christians have, that the Facebook world doesn’t have anymore? Exactly - we still have that true fellowship, where one doesn’t need to be drunk to have fun, doesn’t need to be afraid of being laughed at or being ignored. Hug each other more often in front of non-Christians, laugh more and show how great it is to be together with your bros’ and sis’ – let them be jealous of what you have through the Lord and let them try it. They will come back for more.

 Be truthful and logical

Never say Christianity is simple. Never say the Bible doesn’t have hard verses. Never say the Bible will solve all their problems at once, because sanctification is a process, not an act. They feel lies and they are sometimes much smarter than you are. Be ready for the tough questions and if you don’t have an answer, then don’t make it up. Say you don’t know yet. Students don’t believe in fairytales anymore, and thankfully the Bible is no fairytale. Statements like God-loves-you and Repent-You-Are-Going-To-Hell don’t work anymore. We need apologetics now more than ever, but it has to be reasoning with someone, rather, than hitting them over their head with the Bible.

 Show them love, the true one

All we all need is love. Actually not love, but Love – the true one, the real peace and happiness, not the fake one or the one that lasts for seconds. Students look for love everywhere, trying to dig out bits of it from every corner, including stinky ones and we need to show them the way to the true one. It means we need to know Love well, to have light to show directions and the most important to have Love ourselves.

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