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news from the Radstock network

Taking the good news beyond the mountains

Posted by Anthony Adams on

I stood with our friend Tun Chaing, an indigenous missionary in Myanmar, as he looked at the mountains on the other side of the valley. He pointed out of the window of the wooden hillside house we were in, and described the villages that he visits beyond those peaks. He explained how there are...

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Tags: myanmar

Video Update: Tirana, Albania

Posted by Kejdis Bakalli on

Watch this video to hear an update from pastor Kejdis Bakali on Eagles Church in Tirana - the capitol of Albania.  Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.  

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Tags: tirana albania

Mongolia Winter Crisis -- Please Help!

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Widely reported blizzards continue to buffet much of the Eastern USA as I type, impacting several Radstock members and churches who live there! But did you know that, at the same time, Mongolia is in the midst of a severe winter crisis which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of herders...

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Tags: mongolia winter crisis aid appeal

Video Update: Sukth Albania

Posted by Besi Gorrea on

Watch this video update from Sukth, Albania shot before the devastating floods of mid-January. Read here about how you can help with flood relief. Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.  

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Tags: albania, miriam, sukth, besi

What is Radstock All About?

Posted by Anthony Adams on

We get asked over and over: What is Radstock?  What's it all about? In a nutshell, we are CHURCHES CONNECTED FOR GLOBAL MISSION. There's so much packed into that little phrase. Let's break it down. CHURCHES - It is our conviction that the local church is God's mission...

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Tags: connected, local church, mission

Help for Flood Victims in Albania

Posted by Arvid Gogaj on

Terrible floods have occurred in Sukth Albania, the home of Radstock member church Kisha Ungjillorë.  Would you consider donating to help restore the church building as well as the homes of our brothers and sister in Sukth? Donate here in the UK or Donate here in the USA...

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Tags: albania, flood, sukth

Video Update: Church Planting in Morava, Albania

Posted by Brian Jose on

Watch this video to hear Andrea's heart for reaching the Roma people of the village of Morava in Albania. Many of the villagers can't read or write.  The growth of their faith is "interrupted." or slow because of this.  Can you help reach the youth and families of Morava?  Will...

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Tags: albania, church planting

Seizing Opportunity in Myanmar

Posted by Brian Jose on

Police reprisals, blocked email accounts, restrictions on churches, huge “closed to foreigners” regions. That was the Myanmar (aka Burma) I visited five years ago. The church was working hard, but the government was forcing them to drag a ball and chain around. I met one Radstock...

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"Project Samos" Needs Your Prayers

Posted by Amy Tyson on

The ongoing work of “Project Samos,” one of Radstock’s priority projects in a particularly sensitive part of the world, needs your continuing prayers. Here’s the latest update: We are very heartened to see the 6 intrepid pastor-evangelists taking gospel initiatives in...

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Tags: priority projects, unreached

Why We Love Round Tables

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Wondering what a Round Table is?  Watch this video to see one in action. Consider joining either of our USA Round Tables coming up in Arroyo Grande, CA or Washington, DC.

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