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news from the Radstock network

Next Radstock Round Table: Kiev Ukraine Oct 13&14, 2016

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

Registration now closed. Join us for the next Radstock Round Table in Kiev, Ukraine, October 13&14, 2016.  We will highlight the work of Big City Presbyterian and Liberty church plant, both in Kiev.  Pastor Max Tykhonov and others from the church will share about their...

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Tags: kyiv, round table, kiev ukriane

The Secret of Urban Mission?

Posted by on

Anthony Adams, of Radstock member church Urban Life, shares "the secret" of urban mission: I was recently at a meeting celebrating the ministry of a couple who had served in urban outreach for nearly 25 years and were about to move on to serve in new ways. Someone made the comment that people...

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Tags: uk, urban mission

Video Update: Iceland

Posted by Gunnar Gunnarsson on

Watch this video to hear an update from pastor Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson on Loftstofan, a church meeting in Reykjavik Iceland.  Learn how you can pray for this new church. Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.    

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Tags: iceland

Holding a Candle

Posted by Rudina Writes -- posts from Rudina Bakalli on

I don't remember the first Christmas I celebrated. Albania was in her first years after Communism and I was a freshman student. We were full of dreams as the doors of the "bunker" were opened and we could breath...freedom. Freedom came with a huge cost as we shifted from a closed, isolated and...

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Tags: albania, atheism, communism

NEW BLOGGER! Introducing "Rudina Writes"

Posted by Brian Jose on

We're thrilled to introduce Rudina Bakalli -- magazine editor, blogger, career consultant, CRU staff member, evangelist, wife, mother, televison contributor, dog walker, and more.  Rudina and her family live in central Tirana, the capital of her native Albania.  Look for her posts...

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Tags: albania, rudina writes, rudina bakalli

After the Flood -- Sukth, Albania

Posted by Brian Jose on

“We have captured the situation.”  Franceska, the first believer in Sukth village, used this Albanian expression about the aftermath of the recent flood. The fine mud left everywhere -- in houses, ovens, the motors of washing machines and refrigerators, on clothes and bedding...

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Tags: albania, flood, sukth, giving, prayer

Blessing the Nations at Home, by Adam Davies of Urban LIfe in Derby UK

Posted by Adam Davies on

Life in an inner city small house church is always exciting and full of change, and last year was no exception. Over the past twelve months we’ve sent one of our team to help build a church in Bosnia, we’ve had a baby girl born into the church family, we’ve hosted delegates...

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Tags: derby, uk, urban

Taking the good news beyond the mountains

Posted by Anthony Adams on

I stood with our friend Tun Chaing, an indigenous missionary in Myanmar, as he looked at the mountains on the other side of the valley. He pointed out of the window of the wooden hillside house we were in, and described the villages that he visits beyond those peaks. He explained how there are...

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Tags: myanmar

Video Update: Tirana, Albania

Posted by Kejdis Bakalli on

Watch this video to hear an update from pastor Kejdis Bakali on Eagles Church in Tirana - the capitol of Albania.  Check out other video updates from around the Radstock network here.  

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Tags: tirana albania

Mongolia Winter Crisis -- Please Help!

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Widely reported blizzards continue to buffet much of the Eastern USA as I type, impacting several Radstock members and churches who live there! But did you know that, at the same time, Mongolia is in the midst of a severe winter crisis which is threatening the lives and livelihoods of herders...

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Tags: mongolia winter crisis aid appeal

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