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a cafe in the forest...

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Posted by Radstock Staff

Udmurtia, winter streetThe Republic of Udmurtia, central Russia... a land of lakes and forests... a beautiful land, but one, however, where the locals say, 'This is where the tomatoes stay green,' - such is the climate there.

Other, more serious problems beset the people who live there, a mix of Russians, Udmurts (a Finno-Ugric people), and others. Problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, depression and grinding poverty in the countryside.

But in a small town in the forest, the church is making a difference. Through partnership with churches and individuals in the UK, a small church, led by Vladimir (not his real name), is realising a dream to reach out to the young people of the town.

Udmurtia cafe internetChurch links in the UK have helped them establish a cafe in their church, which is already beginning to draw in young people. Other local churches, and a church youth group in the UK are beginning to partner in the work too. The UK youth group hopes to send some folks next year to visit.

A Christian business has donated funds to build an internet facility in the café.
The church now runs the first and only internet café in the town! English language and computer classes also form part of this café outreach.

As we wait on the long-term fruit of this partnership, we pray that not just the tomatoes will ripen, but that many will find salvation in Christ!


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