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A Mongolian Sabbatical In Liverpool

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

As Oggie & Navchaa sat down to talk they joked that when they sit down to rest on their sofa back in Mongolia, they do it with a refreshing mug of horse milk, not this watery, skimmed cow stuff from England.

Of course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Oggie & Navchaa are first generation Christians, having been part of the first group of converts back in 1992 and life has been non-stop since then. 

“You walked into church and you didn’t want to leave those people.” Oggie explained. “I was a well paid train mechanic, but my heart was ready to drop it all for Jesus”.

A Pastor Called To Pioneer Everything

Oggie was one of the first men called to study at Bible College and become a native pastor of the Mongolian church.

Over those first years the gospel was irresistible to people: “It was like a big boom; Every day 100’s of people were becoming Christians.” Navchaa remembered.

Mongolia is made up of 21 provinces, so although Oggie primarily pastored Holy Foundation Baptist Church in the capital city, the days were filled with trips to the countryside, sharing the gospel with Nomads, training pastors, and planting churches in the Gers.

“In those days pastoring was more like pioneering” he recalled, “We did everything, we washed feet, we lit fires, we planted churches, we served people - everything!”

He even recalled being a radio presenter, translating an American Preacher into Mongolian! He really has done everything in those 25 years of pastoring!

A Door Of Rest Is Opened

For 25 years they as a family never had the chance to take a break to sit down on the sofa and drink horse milk, and so a 2 year sabbatical was arranged in Liverpool.

After visiting Aigburth Community Church at a Radstock Round Table in 2018, a connection was formed with the pastor Steve Palframan, and they moved in January 2020.

“Having Oggie and Navchaa join our church is something we've been really excited about.” Steve shared. 

“It's good for our church to build strong relational connections with gospel churches in other parts of the world, it helps us put names and faces to the truth that Jesus is the glorious global saviour and that his church is worldwide.

Part 2: Back To Mongolia

The primary focus of the sabbatical is to help Oggie study English & Theology. He also plans to write a pair of books. Navchaa wants to increase her skillset in music and discover how to better serve the church through these skills.

“God is opening this new chapter,” enthused Oggie, as he leaned forward on the sofa, his cup of milk now empty. “He always opens doors and we have walked through them without rest for 25 years, now God is saying ‘Rest In Me, get new ideas…”

“We feel God’s hand even on all of this. It’s like he is forcing us to relax in this lockdown.”

“Part 1 we served for 25 years, now we rest in God for 2, then…. we go back to Mongolia for part 2 and take Jesus to the heart of the capital. Mongolia is his.” Oggie confidently stated.


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