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news from the Radstock network

A Year of New Things

Posted by Brian Jose on

Sometimes God exceeds our expectations and it seems hard to keep up with Him and the "new things" He is doing. We've had a "new thing" kind of year in our Radstock network. 

New Churches:  Living Water Church in Berat, Albania celebrated one year with about 40 in attendance, about two thirds of them new converts to the faith.  Artur Tushi,

 the pastor, says "we also started a church 'by accident' in the Morave (a nearby Roma village)."  While going to do a Bible study with one family, curious and jealous neighbors asked "why don't you do a Bible study with us, too?". So Artur and his wife, Noku, did jus that. There are now about 20 believers meeting regularly there, as well.  God exceeded expectations!  You can see some of the new converts here. These people have very little of what this world has to offer, but they now have Jesus.


New Countries:  Bunna Yin, an experienced Bible translator and church planter in Cambodia has recently joined the Radstock network.  Bunna is a leader in the Nexus group of churches in Cambodia -- about 22 churches spread around the country.  We're wondering what to expect from God in Cambodia.  


New Missionaries:  I personally have been praying for God to send workers to the harvest in places like Bosnia, Kosova, Mongolia, Macedonia, Albania and Russia. This year God exceeded expectations! We saw David, Paige, Steve and Anna arrive.  Sam and Sarah are in process of coming. In each case, these workers are committed to making the name of Jesus known among Muslims.  


New Partnerships:  At our Round Table in Macedonia, Max Tykhonov, an experienced church planter from Big City Church in Kiev, Ukraine met Besi, a young pastor from Albania.  Big City have a vision to send long term missionaries to the Balkans within two years.  Besi and Max are now working on short-term exposure and training options.


New members churches:  More than 20 churches joined the Radstock network this year, from Mongolia, Russia and Albania.  These are usually "silver and gold have I none" churches, but they bring what they have -- experience in church planting, pioneer mission, understanding of working on hard ground…and a leading edge in what God is doing in global mission. We've always been committed to Radstock not being a West to East or "rich to poor" mission network. God is suddenly exceeding our expectations.


New Businesses (which support new churches):  One of our missionaries in Eurasia writes:  "There are no fireworks, no 'spectaculars."  In fact it's really quiet, but it's happening, and it's gospelly revolutionary.  Lives are being changed.  Businesses are witnessing to a different way of living, and churches are getting up to stand on their own feet.  It's hard work, but we're seeing fruit."  


New Frontiers in Mission:  Last Sunday, while worshiping in a large American church, it occurred to me that many churches in the USA and the UK have more members than the entire nation of Kosova has committed believers (about 500). We have seen God pointing Radstock to some of the "tough places" in the past year.  To be honest, I'd not have chosen this -- I'd love to tell you about large numbers of converts in countries we could name. Instead, we are working hard to see church planters and evangelists tilling the hard ground of Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosova, Mongolia and other countries where naming the workers or locations puts lives at risk.  Will you join us as we pray for God to exceed our expectations for workers and new churches, even in these locations where following Christ and suffering are one and same daily experience?  


New Needs:  All this growth brings challenge and need. Every Radstock partner church contributes to our network, but I'd like to ask you to top up the contributions coming from Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia and Albania.  Would you consider donating today?

  • Can you give $50 to help a Mongolian church planter be trained?
  • Can you give $100 to help Besi from Albania train Ukrainian missionaries?
  • Can you give $200 to support a church planter in Myanmar (Burma) for a month?
  • Can you give $400 for a week's rent of an English language Center in Macedonia?
  • Can you give $500 to help start a church-supporting business in Eurasia?
  • Can you give $4000 to buy a car for Fisnik, an Albanian church planter in Bosnia?
  • Can you give $1000 to pay for travel to a restricted country for one of Radstock's partners developing ministry there?

Thank you for your partnership with the Radstock Network -- churches connected for global mission.


May God exceed your expectations in 2014!



Brian Jose
Executive Director

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