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An Update On Church Partnership Options

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

Radstock is a network of churches connected for global mission.

We believe that God primarily works through local communities of believers, living out their calling where they are. But Jesus Christ also calls churches to look beyond their own localities to be part of blessing other parts of the world, with new communities of Jesus-followers established: we can do more together than we can apart.

Some churches connect with Radstock to be involved in global mission as part of our Network. They enjoy the friendships and sense of family that comes from getting to know churches from a variety of places, near and far.

Some of those friendships grow into stronger partnerships, while others foster solidarity and gospel partnership, through hearing one another’s stories and needs, praying and occasionally meeting through Round Table conferences or other trips.

Other times churches connect with Radstock primarily because there is a particular project they wish to be involved with, and Radstock supports and enables that partnership to work. Wider network involvement may follow over time, but Radstock supports and enables the partnership with the project in view.

To represent these different ways of being involved more clearly, we’re now describing partnership in those two forms: Network Partnership, and Project Partnership.

We’ll write more about this in future, but for now you can see more at the link below.

Download: The Radstock Partnership Options


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