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...and hello

Posted by Brian Jose on

While we say a sad goodbye to Vanessa Whitfield, Brian Jose is thrilled to welcome Rudina Muca to the Radstock office in Durrës, Albania. Rudi was one of the first 100 believers in Albania after the fall of Communism in 1991, and has been involved in evangelism and church planting teams in both Kosovo and Macedonia. 

Rudina MucaA member of Kisha Dishepujve (Disciples Church), Rudi leads the church's hearing clinic ministry, giving people the opportunity to receive a low-cost re-furbished hearing aid, so that they can hear, among other things, the gospel.  She and Arvid have two sons, Daniel and Noe (Noah).

Rudi will spend 12 hours/week freeing Brian from expense reports, calendar management and travel bookings, as well as making Radstock more 'fluent' in Albanian: getting the membership pack translated, fixing Brian's Albanian sermon grammar (!) and  translating our tweets and Facebook posts.

She also makes seriously awesome stuffed peppers. 

Write to her on  and say hello!


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