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as the world watches

Posted by Brad Byrd on

The world’s spot light is on China at the moment. For the next few weeks countless millions will have their tv’s tuned into the Olympics. As we watch the games let us also lift the host nation up in prayer. A nation where following Jesus is forbidden and the church meets in secret, an unlikely advocate is surfacing. Peter Zhao, a Communist Party member and adviser to the Chinese Central Committee is proclaiming the name of Christ and the virtue of following him for his country. Mr Zhao has observed that, “Christianity provides three elements necessary for economic growth: motivation - those who work for God rather than for pleasure, money or status don’t tire of being productive; a moral framework that makes for less exploitation and less corruption; and a mandate to care for the poor and disenfranchised*”. May this be true of all of us who claim to be living for Jesus. The ideas that Mr. Zhao is supporting in his country are similar to the rational behind why Radstock is supporting the work of Economic Development and micro business loans in Zambia, Kosova, Cambodia and through out the Radstock network. Economic Development done by those following Christ’s call on our lives can have a dramatic impact for the kingdom and is an enormous support for the local church.

*WSJ 8/8/08

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