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attrition and hope in kosovo (english version)

Posted by Geni Begu on

Posted by Geni Begu (Albanian version soon)

Geni is a church planter in Kosovo. Recently, the Radstock blog caught up with him and asked how the work was going. Here is his report... 

Kosova 2

We are pressing on in the battle. Inner and outer challenges of pioneer church - planting are drawing us ever closer to Jesus. God’s word has been a daily source of encouragement and confidence in the journey. In the face of discouragement, stress, depression, resentment, opposition, the call from heaven urges us to follow God wholeheartedly. Indeed, His grace is sufficient and His power made perfect in our weaknesses. God said to Gideon: ‘Go in the strength you have.’... Therefore we rejoice in our God and his calling to bring the Gospel to the nations, beginning with the dear people of Kosovo. After being here two years, we feel that the battle has just begun and we ahve so much to learn. In a land where people are bound by the fear and bondage of religion and tradition, and a completely distorted picture of Jesus by their ‘enemies,’ our task remains: living out the good news, loving unconditionally, being the hands and feet of the one who died for them. The journey ahead remains a journey of obedience and surrender and we continue to pray that the Lord of the harvest will bring a plentiful harvest in Kosovo.


KosovaOne of the towns we work in has 80,000 people. On average there are around 50 people that go to church on Sundays. If we look at these numbers we get very discouraged. However, if we look at where we‘ve come from, there is room for a lot of praise. If we consider that there were no believers there at all 6 years ago, there is a lot to be thankful for. Yet, when we see the crowds that are lost without Jesus here have the burning question of how to reach them.


Jesus had compassion on the crowds and he sent the disciples to preach the good news to them. We are praying and asking God to give us His insight and strategy on how to reach this town.


We are trying a number of new forms of outreaches this summer including sports, music, drama, youth events, language learning, distributing literature. Everyone on the team feels that we need to be bolder in going out to preach the gospel. So, we are going to try different froms of evangelism. We would appreciate your prayers. Would you stand in the gap with us during this summer and pray that the Lord will give us a great harvest for His Kingdom here? One of the other things that we feel very strong about in the team is to empower the Kosovar believers to witness to their own people. We would like as much as possible to release the Kosovars into ministry and leadership from the beginning. We see that this will be the best and fastest way to see the believers grow and the work of evangelism spread. May the Lord grant us grace to raise disciples with a passion for Jesus and a zeal to reach their own people with the gospel! 


Contact Geni Begu to find out how you and your church can connect to bring the love of Jesus to this tortured land.


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