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Blessing the Nations at Home, by Adam Davies of Urban LIfe in Derby UK

Posted by Adam Davies on

Life in an inner city small house church is always exciting and full of change, and last year was no exception. Over the past twelve months we’ve sent one of our team to help build a church in Bosnia, we’ve had a baby girl born into the church family, we’ve hosted delegates from across the globe for the Radstock conference in Oct, and we’ve been encouraged with new team members who have decided to join us at Urban Life.

Living in our suburb of Derby, as the Radstock delegates found out, means that our lives are surrounded by a plethora of different cultures, clothes, culinary delights and colours, but it is the people of this area that make it the amazingly diverse place that we live. From our neighbourhood we are able to share the love of God with people with links to so many different areas of the world. From Kurdish barbers to Pakistani asylum seekers, Albanian and Bangladeshi single mothers to many homeless men. Our hope is that by growing these friendships we can bless the lives of the people on our doorstep, and at the same time reach the nations for Christ.

Perhaps you would consider joining us? Come and join us for just a week or two to help us develop your experience and understanding of multicultural neighbourhoods, and the joys of building friendships with the Muslim communities. Or give a year to prepare yourself before looking to move to become a worker elsewhere. If you are moving to Derby we would love you to join our team! And if none of these options are open to you, then perhaps you would pray for us? We’ve found over the past year that prayer has to be the foundation to everything we do. Pray that our relationships develop with our friends and neighbours to be able to bless them with the love of Christ. Pray for our team to grow by adding new people who have a heart to be a blessing to the nations at home. Thank you!

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