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Bosnia Round Table Review

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Imagine this:  It’s your first visit to region of great gospel need.  You’re walking and praying along streets and bridges you’ve only ever seen in photographs.  You encourage in person a pioneering family who you’ve prayed for but never met.  You meet the woman whose healing you’ve read about and rejoice with her.  You are taught through the scriptures by believers from multiple nations. You learn from cultural experts about the local culture and history of the place and hear first hand the testimonies of missionaries who are dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus in a spiritually dark place.

This was the experience of those who attended Radstock’s most recent Round Table in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in November. Delegates had the opportunity to see, first-hand, how Jesus is transforming lives. It was a powerful experience.

The need for the gospel in the Balkans is vast. Of Bosnia’s 4.5 million people, there are a total of 25 Christian churches. All Evangelical Christians in Bosnia and Herzegovina number between 500 and 1,000. Near-by Kosovo, with 2.5 million people, has only 1,000 believers.

The only solution to unrest today in this region is the gospel of Christ. Fisnik is a church planter who has moved to an unreached town, Konjic, with his wife and three young sons. His determination to follow Jesus on mission is challenging: “I will live in Konjic until there is a church established. First, I will be a disciple and second, I will make disciples.”

The only other believer in Konjic, outside of Fisnik and his family, is an older lady called Rasema. (Read about her story here.) One English woman is planning to join the tiny group of believers on mission in Konjic in January, but more people are needed to share the gospel here! Fisnik says, “I would love another couple to come and a boy and a girl to do youth work.” Do you know anyone who could go? Could you?

Please pray for the good news of Jesus to take root in this predominantly Muslim region: for our Father to reveal himself to people lost in darkness, for the tiny minority of believers to stand firm in the Lord, and for more workers for this field.

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