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news from the Radstock network

Breaking Down Idols

Posted by Amy Tyson on

One Radstock member church in Mongolia is busy building…and destroying.

This church in Ulaanbaatar is moving from their old meeting place to a new one nearby. The two-room building will have an office and a meeting hall, which they will be able to use for all kinds of church activities. Reconstruction and repair includes moving a wall and building a stage and small kitchen...and the work is all being done by the Pastor and church members themselves. They are working long hours to make this building useful for the Lord’s work.

But while the Pastor of this body of believers is working hard to build something, God has given him the opportunity to smash something else. One of the church’s new believers recently brought her former idols, made of porcelain and iron, to this Pastor with the request that he help her destroy them.

Join us in praising God for the work of this church as they bring the light of the gospel into lives enslaved by sin.  We love this vivid reminder of our Father's good work in the lives of his children, wherever in the world we live.  Our idols may not be able to be destroyed with just a hammer, but our faithful, true God will bring glory to himself as he keeps our hearts set on Him alone.  Please pray for this Mongolian church to continue faithfully serving Him.


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