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Church Planting In Cambodia: Go To Jesus First

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

Q. How Many Years Have You Been Working On Church Planting In Cambodia?

Bunna: Since 2004 after coming back from 6 months with Stopsley Baptist Church in the UK. So that's 17 years now.


Q. What Is The Vision For Nexus?

Bunna:  In short we are “United for Kingdom influence”. We want churches to be able to work together for the sake of Christ. We use the image of a fishing net; all of the churches come together to become the answer in the community. We see this as “Acts style” mission.


Q. What Would You Love To See Radstock Doing In Asia?

Bunna:  I would love to see Asian church leaders reaching the point of knowing each other well. The deeper we know each other, the better we can mend our great fishing net for God to use. 

When church leaders know each other well, the can learn and share with each other, mobilizing and supporting church members to achieve the Great Commission together - and be true missional churches in their own countries and outside.


Q. What Lessons Have You Learned From Many Years Working For The Gospel?

Bunna: I've learnt lots of lessons, but let me share 6 now:

1. Go to Jesus first before leaving for the harvest field. 
2. Get to know the potentially influential person in the community.  
3. People respond not to authority but love. People will listen to the one they love, and will listen to the good news that his beloved friend, and the people he has with him, are sharing.
4. God will select His people, then church planting will result.
5. The Good News of Jesus that has been shared through personal communication and connection is more effective than a big campaign. (People don't care about you for how much you know, but they know you for how much you care).
6. Finally make sure that you are preaching Jesus for other people, not yourself — otherwise it is like polishing charcoal to be a shining tusk, or giving a golden mountain to the people - it's always a poor idea.


These Are Tough Times For Churches In Cambodia...

Covid-19 has brought widespread illness and isolation due to lockdowns and increased poverty. You've also seen farming and traders hampered by Covid regulations and corruption.


Q. What Are You Telling Your Fellow Pastors And Leaders?

Bunna: For the Radstock Cambodia team, I am telling them to keep good connections between church leaders.  Something terrible is happening but we can restore, equip, and train now — so that when the time comes, we will be able to work with integrity and open hearts with one another.


Q. Tell Us About Your Family

Bunna: I married a beautiful lady Mao Sokdany (“Danni”) in 2008 after tycoon Brian Jose and his wife recommended and encouraged me to find a life partner in 2007.
We have three children as the fruits of our marriage: a girl Yin Marina (eldest), and two sons Yin Ezra and Yin Adonai Chesda. Jesus has been so good to my family. I cannot describe all his goodness, only praise him. Amen.

(Adonai was given this name because of a miraculous birth story where both Danni and Adonai were pronounced dead by the doctor.)

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