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Church Profile: Knighton Evangelical Free Church, Part 1

Posted by Warran Fawcett on


One member church in Radstock's network is Knighton Evangelical Free, led by Andy Upton and Warran Fawcett. Find out how you can be praying for this mission-minded church family in 'Part 1' of their profile...

Where Is Knighton Evangelical Free Church?

We’re located in Knighton, Leicester, UK -- right smack in the middle of England. We are the first UK city to have an ethnic majority!

What is one highlight of your ministry at the moment?

A particular highlight is seeing first generation Christians emboldened to take the gospel to others, including their own families. One gentleman has led his elderly parents to the Lord! Another highlight is the growing desire people have to share the gospel with their work colleagues and neighbours. It’s great to see them doing simple things, like having a meal, to introduce non-Christian friends to Christian community.

Are there any challenges you face now?

One challenge for us is seeking to help our middle-class congregation understand that we are all family -- we have been saved into a new, corporate identity. Much of what has been taught or understood in the past has been to do with what the Bible means for me. But Jesus died for a people, and understanding our corporate identity -- not just on a Sunday -- helps us to look out for our family and encourages us to take our eyes from ourselves.

And in extension, seeing ourselves as part of God’s world-wide family will help us to get more excited about mission and eager to participate in God’s plan to redeem his people from around the globe. 

Look out for 'Part 2' coming up! And please do pray for Knighton Evangelical as they seek to faithfully proclaim Jesus to their city and beyond. 

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