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Disaster Relief for Mongolia

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Flash flooding relief among the Kazakh people of the west, poverty relief among the reindeer people of the north, and winter disaster support for nomadic herding families scattered across Mongolia.  2016 has been a dramatic year!

And through your generous giving, Seedtime, a Radstock partner ministry in Mongolia, put partners into the field to support literally hundreds of people in crisis in 2016. This included transportation and emergency materials.  Hundreds of other ‘seeds’ were sown, with connections established between local churches, communities, and government bodies.

There is now severe weather in many parts of Mongolia. There has been significant snowfall and temperatures have fallen below -40 Celsius in many places.  It's bad and expected to get worse.  We’re getting ahead of the curve by putting a DISASTER RELIEF FUND in place for 2017.  

The purpose of this is to have the funds ready to respond immediately to crises as they come, rather than appeal each time a disaster comes along. To do this, we want to raise £8,000 ($10,000).

Can you, or your church join with this through your Christmas celebrations? Or maybe your business could adopt this cause as your Christmas charity.

All funds can be donated through Radstock Ministries (see our Give page), and will be administered in Mongolia by Seedtime.  Donations should be marked ‘Seedtime Disaster Fund.’

Thank you so much for your consideration!



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