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Dom Zhizni (House of Life, English Version)

Posted by Andrei Petrine on

Posted by Andrei Petrine.

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[Editor's note: This is the English language version of a post originally submitted in Russian. As part of the internationalisation of our site, we are inviting contributors and network leaders whose first language is not English, to submit entries in their own language. This is the first of these.]

Radstock Conference, Andrei Petrine

At the Radstock Conference 2009, from left to right: Valerii Guglya,
Pastor Vladimir Omelchuk, Pastor Maxim Tichonov (Ukraine), Pastor Andrei Petrine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings from the “House of Life” – the new name for our ministry whose vision is to reach Slavic people in Britain with the Gospel of our Lord. We are a church whose members come not only from Russia but from Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldavia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria... in short, from the majority of Slavic nations. The main language of the service is still Russian as it serves well to join all of us into one coherent entity. On our website you will still see us under our old name, but that will be so for a while until we arrange an official change with the Charity Commissioners.

Now, other news:

  • With the help of God we have started two home groups, one in the east, the other in the west, of London.
  • It has been for about 4 months since we have worked together with HTB (Holy Trinity Brompton Church) using their premises for prayers in preparation to launch an Alpha Course in Russian. Now, as I am writing this memorandum I am on my way to HTB for the first session of Alpha that will take place this evening at HTB. It will be the first Alpha that will happen at HTB itself. Nicky’s talk will be translated simultaneously for those who don’t speak English, we are going to eat and worship together and then, for Q and A time, our group will be using the Russian language to discuss the arising questions. I believe that it is a blessing of the Lord and a great opportunity to reach new people. Please pray for the inflow of hungry souls.

Here are some topics to pray for, as these essential things are not yet covered in our ministry:

  • Worship group with the gifted musicians and singers.
  • More home group leaders – we generally need more willing souls.
  • A few helpers in our Sunday School which has approximately 7-10 children.
  • We still need to cover the essential cost of running the ministry in its administration and mission.

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for your support.
With the love of Christ,

Pastor Andrei Petrine

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