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news from the Radstock network

Frontier Mission Update

Posted on

One Radstock member is working to see the gospel proclaimed in an area too sensitive to name. Please let your heart be moved by the update, below. Join us in petitioning our Father that he would glorify his name amongst all the peoples of this region as his church - so few in number here - proclaim the good news and stand firm in persecution. (All names have been changed to protect this work.)

Thank you for praying for, and supporting, the six gospel partners and their families who are seeking to share Jesus with the people of this large area.

They continue to enjoy God's good hand on them and their ministries. A great encouragement is the increasing involvement of workers from a mission organisation in a neighbouring country mentoring them. We are thankful for this growing partnership. The prayer and discussion they share is a great help to the six. Thank Father for this and pray that it will lead to more work and more fruit. Please pray for these brothers and sisters, listed below with brief updates:

Married to Nadia, Rocky asks us to pray for "an area that is 10 km from my house. But in this place from last 20 years not a single person went there for gospel.” God gave Rocky the chance to visit this area. He is suffering from ill health, but rejoices that the Holy Spirit is at work in this place.

Andrew still needs to sell his house in order to move to a safer area. He has been invited to a mission training course in a different country. This would no doubt be a huge encouragement for him, but he needs to make good gospel decisions about such invitations. His wife Shania is in much better health.

Arthur and his family are in dire straights. This time Arthur's wife, Sarah, has been reported (it's normally Arthur who gets threats for his bold preaching). She visited a local Muslim woman several times, and the woman's relative (a local leader) has threatened Sarah with prison. Arthur and his family of 3 children have had to flee out of this area to a neighbouring country. Pray for a good reconciliation between the groups involved, and for wisdom for Arthur.

Norman tells of people reading the Bible and Bibles being spread among communities. One story: “In one place, my wife (Song) was with me and we shared the Good News with the people there. Due to her, their women gathered and were listening to the Word of God. We distributed the SD cards, and the head of the family told us that one day a holy man visited his home and when he saw the Bible, he asked the question about Bible and the man's daughter introduced very well. The Holy man requested the Bible and he promised that he will spread Bible message in the whole region, and after receiving the Bible he disappeared.” However, the believers face opposition: “During a visit to another area we faced extreme difficulties from local people being against us. They call the police and they arrested us, but God saved us. Praise God.”

Micky is at Bible college in a neighbouring country. Your gifts are helping him to understand and handle God's Word. Training is vital if we are to see longevity in the ministry of these men. Next year, Micky too will be settled in another area of this region to engage in long term church planting.

Musa continues to serve many believers within the Army cantonments of this region’s capital. This gives him gospel opportunities with military top brass. Pray for the proposed church plant into a remote valley area nearby. This is a great opportunity for collaboration between Musa and the other partners.                               

Please do continue to pray for God’s work among the people of this area! If you would like to support this work, please contact us. There is always a need for Scripture and resources. Thank you for your partnership in this big task.


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