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Fruit despite the Food Crisis in Mongolia

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"I Could Hardly Contain Myself"
What do you do when your church grows by 500% in a week?  You start discipling! Radstock’s Mongolia Winter Food Crisis Fund has been helping rural Mongolians whose families and herds have been short of food in the cold temperatures that reach minus 40 degrees.  All evangelical churches in Mongolia have started since 1991 and they are characterized by a commitment to sharing the Gospel. This week, we got this report:  "I'm in Arhangai province at the moment, and I could hardly contain myself on some of the news from the relief drop here. Local churches were at the heart of the action, bringing much-needed essentials to herding families and their animals. The fruit was surprising. One church plant of 5 people now has the challenge of accommodating and discipling 25 new members - 25!”
The Radstock Church Network in Mongolia comprises more than 40 churches. Some meeting in bricks and mortar buildings in Ulaanbataar, the capital city, while others meeting in traditional “ger” (tents) in the Gobi desert.  Experienced pastors and leaders are released by their churches to train and disciple leaders around the country.  Distances are vast and roads can be difficult. To get to one new church plant among the “reindeer people” near the Russian border it takes about 6 hours to travel the final 50 miles (80 km).  Will you sponsor a training trip? The cost for a week is $500. Can you sponsor a week? Or a day?  Or you may want to give to the Winter Food Crisis Fund.  You can give here.
Should We Take the Toyota or the Cow to Church?
Meanwhile, in another instance, a grandmother of 80 has connected with the 'Great Herdsman,' and now makes the 30km round trip to her church meetings - by cow! 

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