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Heart of City to reach the Nation

Posted by Navchaa Ganbold on

Navchaa Ganbold, church planter and wife of Otgonbayar Choijamts (Oggie), shares about their church's exciting church planting vision for Mongolia.  Pictured below with their daughter.

Ariun Undes, Radstock member church in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, is entering a new season in mission. We are starting a new movement called “HEART OF CITY”. We believe that if we save our city we will save our nation.

Our country is facing the same development phase as all post-communist countries; therefore, everything in Mongolia is still dependent on our capital Ulaanbaatar (UB for short). Our capital is very unique. It is the only major city in the whole country of Mongolia and has  a population of 1,3 million. In the last 20 years, 600,000 people moved to UB from the countryside and other parts of the country. According to British newspaper “The Guardian,” it is estimated that another 200,000 people will move to the capital in the coming 10 years.

Literally EVERYTHING is concentrated in UB such as politics, economics, health and medicine, art and culture, education, trade and commerce, all means of transportation, technology, local and foreign relations, human development, religions and so on.

Every year 20,000-30,000 students move into our capital to study. Ten thousand people travel back and forth daily. Moreover, many live in the downtown of the city. Thus, there’s a great opportunity to reach these people, since our church is located in downtown UB. We and many other churches in downtown need to be a “Heart of City” and transform it with GOOD NEWS.

Our church, Ariun Undes, is in a process of planting a new church among the influential people of our capital such as doctors, engineers, businessman and teachers. We believe that it is through these people that God will bring transformation to our city and thus to our nation.

Please pray for Ariun Undes and their work to reach the city of UB and the nation of Mongolia.  For more information on this work or how your church can be involved, email .  

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