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Help for Flood Victims in Albania

Posted by Arvid Gogaj on

Terrible floods have occurred in Sukth Albania, the home of Radstock member church Kisha Ungjillorë.  Would you consider donating to help restore the church building as well as the homes of our brothers and sister in Sukth? Donate here in the UK or Donate here in the USA (Indicate Sukth Flood Relief on your order or in the USA, choose it from the drop down menu).  

From Arivd Gogaj in Sukth:   As we finished last night our Wednesday Bible study in our little church in the village of Sukth we departed wishing each other God's blessing little knowing that a few hours after that we would be calling each other to discuss and pray about a big problem.

At around 23:35 our time, the river Erzen which passes very closely to our area, broke out and flooded  a major part of our area. Many houses of our believers were flooded. Our Church building is flooded. We can't get near the area for now and therefore we don't see all the damage but we have been calling each other over the phone and so far all our people are safe. Many have lost not just their belongings but also their livestock.

Please pray for us. Pray for our believers whose houses are all flooded. Please pray that the government will act fast as many of the people have no water supplies or even little food and it is difficult to reach some houses unless by boat.

Please pray for God's protection and that we as a Church will know how to act and how to help people in such a difficult case.

Will keep you more updated in the coming days.

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