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Iceland Round Table Recap

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

There's nothing like getting stuck for 12 hours in a snow storm to further mission partnerships.  That's exactly what happened at Radstock's Iceland Round Table.  

On a bus tour to see Geysir and Gullfoss, the waterfall pictured below, a storm set in and roads closed down.  That didn't stop the Round Table from continuing.  We found space at a local library and kept right on meeting and praying. 

Waiting for roads to re-open, the mission conversations continue.


Delegates from Albania, Belarus, Iceland, Ireland, Macedonia, Mongolia, Ukraine, UK and USA met together in Reykjavik to learn about the context and culture of Iceland, the work of Pastor Gunnar Gunnarson and his church Loftstofan, and to exchange ideas and stories as we considered complex issues of global mission.

Tref Lloyd-Roberts of ISAAC helped us think through the issues of addiction and what part local churches can play in caring for those who struggle with addiction.  We heard from those who have started churches from a very small beginning.  We discussed how as churches we can be envisioning, equipping and sending our members.  It was a fruitful exchange between members.  So much so, we're already looking forward to the next Round Table!



Gullfoss in Iceland



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