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International Businessman to International Gospel Minister

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Radstock partner Sam Goldsmith recently retired from his good job, leaving his American life in order to serve the Albanian church.

What were you doing before leaving for Albania?  On August 15, 2013, I retired from Valeo Climate Control after 22 years with the company.  Valeo is an international automotive supplier, headquartered in Paris, France.

What prompted your move?  The move was preceded by six years of prayer, and those prayers were prompted by a question posed by a brother in the Lord.  He directly asked if I thought the Lord was calling me to work/minister among Albanians.

What do you most love about Albanian culture and people?  Having been here for only a few months I am not prepared to provide a proper answer, but a few things I’ve come to appreciate include not having to drive everywhere, being in a living city as opposed to the suburbs, the fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and meat, community life within the church, old buildings, mountains and wide rivers with bridges.

What can we be praying for you and your church in Albania?  For me, please pray that I would remain true to the Lord’s calling in every way, and that I would give my whole heart to the task of language acquisition.  For the church, pray that each of us will pursue the Lord Jesus, abiding in Him, and that in our pursuit of Christ we will walk in the works He has prepared for us to do.

Might you be called to go out with the good news of Jesus, too?  We can and must share the gospel with our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family in the west.  But there are thousands of people groups who have never heard.  How can your church connect with believers around the world to bring God’s blessing through Christ to the nations?

To find out about needs and opportunities to serve, and how you can support churches in Albania, please contact your nearest Radstock office.  In the USA: and in the UK:

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