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Posted by Amy Tyson on

We are excited to welcome Joe Bubar to the Radstock team! Joe, married to Charlotte, has recently begun as Radstock’s Church Mobilizer in the US. He is retired from being the senior pastor of Grace Bible Church in Arroyo Grande, California, and is currently serving as an interim pastor at another church in California. He answers some questions, below:

1) What do you most value about Radstock?

What I value most is its vision-driven structure that allows us to start simply with highly regarded relationships with pastors and workers in unreached regions and a common vision.

2) How long have you been involved with Radstock, and in what capacity?

Radstock is one of those “best kept secrets” in missions. Our involvement began through mutual relationships. God had given our local church an opportunity to come alongside the leaders of a small group of churches in western and central Albania. It was through the pastor of one of those churches that we first met Brian and Audrey Jose who were also giving valued counsel and connections to these fellowships. We had been involved in Albania since 2002 and began our connections with Radstock a few years later.

3) What do you hope to see happening in the future?

I hope to see a growing number of church leaders participating in productive service in settings where the Good News will be planted and nourished.

Using God’s wiring and experiences, with His power, I hope to encourage many that are called of God to become gospel-extensions of their local churches, including those from newly established churches. I hope to see more “seed” planted and more “fruit” harvested in unreached regions of the world.

4) How can we pray for you?

Please pray for me to clearly challenge churches within my reach to catch God’s vision for people in highly unreached regions of the world. And with that, that I would have a deepening sense of God’s guidance and wisdom in all that I do.

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