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living fields in cambodia!

Posted by Audrey Jose on

Posted by Audrey Jose.

Cambodia, The Team

'In each place we were struck by the thirst for God’s Word... We saw people healed from illnesses, have hearing restored to them, and some come to a saving relationship with Christ. And, in each place we were struck anew at the way God uses ordinary people to build His church.' Everywhere the team went, they saw first-hand God transforming lives in the country that only recently was the setting for the killing fields of the notorious Pol Pot regime.

Such was the experience of an international team comprised of members of Stopsley Baptist Church, UK, Disciples Church, Albania, and Breakthrough Ministries Church in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Just back, they can't wait to share the story! The goal of the team was 3-fold:

  • to teach church leaders, who have no chance to get any formal Bible training
  • to provide an outreach to the community through the Hearing Clinic, which would bring non-believers into the church orbit and hear the Gospel
  • to encourage and pray with any and everyone!

The hearing clinics (brought from Albania) were a blessing to many!

Cambodia, Hearing Clinic 2





Cambodia, Hearing Clinic 3















We visited two village church plants in Pailin (near the Thai border), a church planted only in July 2008, and Kampong Chnang, a small town with a church that runs a Bible Training Centre and English classes as outreaches into the community. The team also got to Svey Reng (near the Vietnamese border), where two other churches joined for a weekend of fellowship with each other. Some of those attending the meetings had ridden for three hours on motorbikes. And then it was to Phnom Penh for fellowship with the church that commissions Yin Bunna and Pastor Mao-an to visit and feed spiritually a number of churches in villages and small towns throughout the country: a church with a vision? You bet!


Cambodia, Svey Reng, Church















Cambodia, Church, Kampong Chnang










To find out more, and to get connected with this work of God in the once-killing fields of Cambodia, contact Audrey Jose (UK) , or Rudina Gogaj (Albania) .

International partnerships for mission and church planting are the heartbeat of Radstock's growing international network. For more information, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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