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Max Tykhonov - On Mission With Jesus

Posted by Mike Mckinley on

On Mission With Jesus – Max Tykhonov (Ukraine)

What does the Bible say about Jesus as a missionary?

  • It would be odd if we only look to the apostles for an example of missions.
  • Jesus is the founder of our mission, the catalyst of our mission, and the content of our message.

Peter’s confession “You are the Christ, the son of God” is the only thing we have to offer people.

  • Not our money, our personality, our persuasiveness.
  • Merely “Jesus is Lord”… that’s our foundation.

Several principles that Jesus used that will help us practically in our day-to-day work as missionaries:

  • Your entire life is mission. Jesus was one sent by the Father… his missionary activity began at the manger in Bethlehem. Wherever you are, you are one sent by God to that place. Your missionary assignment is over when you die or the Lord returns (whichever comes first).
  • We must live out the message. Jesus didn’t just teach and preach, but he lived out the truth. He did righteousness and mercy. His life commended his proclamation.
  • We must raise up others to spread the message. Jesus never went to Spain. He recruited and trained people who could cover more ground than he could alone.
  • We must be on mission with the end in mind. There must be a holy dissatisfaction and a passion for more fruit. We want to see the nations know Christ in our lifetime.

Strategies for missions:

  • Start at home, with family, friends, and neighbors. The gospel grows constantly, not always rapidly. It grows in our own lives even as we extend it in the world around us.
  • Experience grace yourself. Thomas and Peter were great missionaries after they doubted and denied. They knew how the gospel transformed them, and that gave them missionary boldness.
  • Eat with sinners. Jesus entered into the mess of our world and lived among us. We must get into the world of the people we’re trying to reach.

The goal of Jesus’ mission was not merely a few converts, but a whole new world. He accomplished his mission, and we have the privilege of living out that mission until Jesus comes and makes all things new.

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