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Meet The New Balkans Director

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

New Balkans Director

We are excited to announce the new Balkan's Director, Altin Kurraj. He's been serving in the Balkans for several year. You can read the interview below to learn more about him:

1. Tell us about yourself and your family?

My name is Altin Kurraj. I am married to Juliana, and we have three children Ruben (20), Esina (16) and Joel (13). I am originally from the northern part of Albania, Shkoder, but now I live and serve in Durres. By profession, I am a translator and I have worked quite some years in that profession, but my heart is in disciple making and worship. I currently serve at Disciples Church in Durres as part of the leadership team, and with SELAH Worship and Art Ministry Center in Tirana.

2. You were born into the atheism and communism of Albania and a Muslim family tradition before that - so how did you come to faith in Jesus?

I came to faith in Jesus when I was 17. I was invited to a youth meeting at Disciples church in Shkoder, when there was a team of English speaking missionaries. In my search for God I always thought that two things were important: keeping the tradition (I thought I was Muslim because my parents told me so) and keeping the rules, hoping for the best. 

At this youth meeting I heard people pray to God in a personal way. They knew God personally and had a close and intimate relationship with him. The idea that one could know God so personally had a great impact on me, and the turning point was while reading a few months later from Romans 10:9-13, especially v13:

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved". There I surrendered by life to Jesus, and it's been 28 years knowing and experiencing this wonderful God and the relationship with him personally.

3. What is it about Radstock that causes you to give yourself to it?

After visiting a few church plants in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Mongolia I came to realise that Radstock stands for what it claims. "Church at the heart of mission, and mission at the heart of the church".

Radstock is looking for churches that want to partner with God and other churches to fulfil God's mission together. This desire to see God's kingdom advance through the church by connecting and equipping churches to fulfil this purpose is what caused me to join and commit to Radstock.


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