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Mongolia and You!

Posted by Anthony Adams on


In 1979, Operation World listed Mongolia and Albania as the two most closed countries in the world. (There are now Radstock partner churches in both countries!) There were possibly only 4 believers in the whole of Mongolia at that time. Since the fall of communism in 1990 there are now many churches and believers, and they have a vision for their country and beyond. Through prayer, God completely changed things.

You can participate in God’s work in this vast, fascinating country. Just as prayer brought about great changes in Mongolia in the last 30 years, your prayers and partnership can have a tremendous impact on the inhabitants of this remote region now.

And Now...

Mongolia today is economically very poor. Nearly half of the 2.9 million population live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar -- the coldest and most polluted capital city in the world. Many move from the steppe to the city to survive, and yet city life is hard. Alcoholism and drug use is increasing. There is a real lack of hope. Initiatives which help business enterprise are significant. Buddhism, Shamanism and Islam are recognized as Mongolia’s main religions, though there is freedom of religion in law, with limited government interference in Christian work.

Key places near Mongolia are Chinese Inner Mongolia, Siberia, Korea and Kazakhstan. Churches connected to the Radstock network are passionate about seeing new churches in their own cities, in the Gobi Desert, and across into some of the lands mentioned above.

A group of leaders will be meeting later this week in order to share ideas, needs, prayer, and to look to God to shape the path for the future as a regional team. These brothers and sisters need support, prayer, financial help and some would like long term team members. Some of them are prepared to go to some of the harshest and most dangerous places on earth.

How Can You Help?

We are looking for people to commit to taking an interest in and supporting our Mongolian brothers and sisters. Is your church open to receiving information about Mongolia and adopting it, and the vision of its believers, as your own? For those who want it, there could be opportunities to go. There will be vision trips, and opportunities exist to give input into small business training, to teach English (paid!) in the Korean Christian-run Mongolia International University and to join in with church life and outreach.

But even if you never go, please consider being part of a team who will deliberately partner through prayer.

Please email and we will send you prayer information specifically for these churches and their vision. Email and you will be sent updates during meetings this week, and we will continue to send news on an ongoing basis. Through prayer and partnership, God will change things again!

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