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new life in kosova

Posted by Gregor Menga on

Posted by Gregor Menga

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[Editor's note: Gregor is a church planter and one of our network leaders in Kosovo. Here he shares - by kind permission - a recent celebration in the life of his church.]

Last week we had a baptism service at the lake. It was a very special day, for us as a family as well, and for me as a dad. Jozef and Benjamin got baptized as well as 3 other people from church.

I never asked them about it, but they approached me and asked about it. Can a believer in Jesus afford to not be baptized - was their question. I had to say no. All believers need to be baptized. We had 2 bible studies together going more in depths and they felt ready for the great day. It was a blessed day for me to be able to baptize them.

The funny part was when they wanted to share their testimony. Unlike the others, they could not remember when they had received Jesus, and could not talk about a life without Him. They kind of felt bad about it but to me was precious What a start they have in life. I had wasted 23 years of my life before finding Christ. 

Children of our generation of parents in the Albanian lands are the first to be born and raised around Jesus. And still they are very few of them. Still this sobering reality makes days like these even more precious. Of spiritual significance to us was that one of the young man was baptized by the local believers. It might look slowly but we are entering new spiritual era in these regions. We thank God for these signs of His great Faithfulness. And we thank God for you that keep us in your prayers and are part of our "unseen" team. 

Because of Jesus,

Gregor and family.


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