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One day in Konjica

Posted by Rudina Writes -- posts from Rudina Bakalli on

The day starts as usual for Fisnik, Manjola and their family. Their two boys get off to school, which is a 5-minute walk from home. They are good students, models to whom teachers refer with pride. Samuel won the chess championship and represented Bosnia in the world championship in Greece, a victory which Fisnik and Manjola attribute to God’s grace upon their children and family.

Then Fisnik and Manjola get ready for the team’s morning prayer meeting. “I am very thankful for this tradition we have set for our team of starting every day by praying and worshiping God together,” says Fisnik. “We pray about our city and other cities that God has put into our hearts, about the country and each other. I believe that it is this habit, established into our team life, that has helped us to walk closely with God and with each other.”

Visiting neighbours, building relationships and making friends fills the days for Fisnik and Manjola. Fisnik teaches chess classes to young people and cultivates an allotment while Manjola has been helping to run creative workshops for mums with kids in the church building. As local people get to know them they come to them for advice and help. Pray with us that the light of the gospel will be seen in the team in Konjic and pray, as well, for more believers to move to this place.

Do you remember Manjola’s teacher friend and Fisnik’s journey in the car with his friend who is so disappointed by people around him? (See: Living as Light in Konjica) Would you consider moving to join this team for a year, two years, forever? Can you teach English, can you run youth events, teach sports, baking, crafts? Do you love young families? Whatever your gift and passion, there is a place for you in this city of 50,000 people with the tiny church and no national believers.

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