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news from the Radstock network

"Only God Could Do This"

Posted by Brian Jose on

Brian Jose, Radstock’s Executive Director, shares the following story from Fisnik Zenelaj (pictured below), a church planter in Bosnia:

“Dear Friends, I hope you are in the joy of the Lord and I hope to encourage you from this event.  For several months, in the case of the only woman that I believe the Lord has in this city, "Auntie" Rasema has suffered greatly with her health. One of the more serious issues has been a tumor in her throat. She had undertaken several treatments from doctors and the hospital without success. Together we have been praying with perseverance that the Lord would intervene in her health situation. The Lord, in a supernatural way, fully healed the tumor and has given joy to everyone, especially Auntie Rasema.  

The doctors were surprised and had no explanation except to declare that only God could do a miracle like this.

We are amazed to see that her heart is full of gratitude and that she is full of songs of joy, like a child.  We remember her prayer: 'Lord Jesus you can heal me and I believe you will do it (Matthew 9:28), help me to live for you and not to suffer.'  Jesus didn't return her simple faith and her fully humble attitude in an empty manner. With this testimony we want to proclaim that God heals. Praise Jesus and may he build your heart through this testimony.”

I'm sure everyone reading this has heard stories of miracles accompanying conversion in the Muslim world. Let's keep praying!

Tags: healing, miracle, prayer


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