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Radstock Backgrounder: Is Mission Optional?

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

In September, at Sterling Baptist Church in Virginia USA, about 40 people gathered for the Radstock Backgrounder, where core values of the Radstock network were explained and discussed.  Themes of "Is mission optional, profession, institutional and cooperative?" were explored.  Guest Speaker Zane Pratt, of the International Mission Board, challenged listeners with striking truths, like these statements:

"Jesus has the right to say anything to us, even 'Go and die'."  


"His agenda for my life is not disconnected to his agenda for all of human history."

Radstock network church leaders Steve Palframan, Mike McKinley, Anthony Adams and Brian Jose explained how these concepts inform and shape the Radstock network.  It was a day of feeding our souls, challenging our perspectives and considering each church's call to global mission.  Missed it?  Recordings are now available.  Listen here:

Zane Pratt: Is Mission Optional? 

Steve Palframan:  Is Mission Professional?

Mike McKinley: Is Mission Institutional?

Zane Pratt: Is Mission Cooperative?

Anthony Adams:  Connecting the Dots (Radstock Explained)

Brian Jose:  Closing Encouragements

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