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Radstock Backgrounder

Posted by Kara Callaghan on


Purpose:              To explain and discuss Radstock’s two core values and encourage local churches to hold the same.

Time:                  Friday, 22 September, 9:00am – 3:30pm                                                               Attendees also invited to attend a discussion brunch on Saturday

Place:                Sterling Park Baptist Church,  501 North York Road,  Sterling, VA 20164

Cost:                    $30


Reviewing or developing your church’s approach to mission? 
If so, we have two big questions for you: Who is responsible to carry out the Great Commission? And what must every mission effort include? If you answer those questions the way we do, you may have just found a network of churches you’ll be delighted to meet.

Your church doesn’t have an emphasis on mission? 
You can and should expect that to change. If the nations are on the heart of God and His Spirit is at work in your people, people in your congregation will soon be burdened for the good news of the gospel to go to the nations. The question you should be asking is are you, as a church, ready to send them?

For more information, please contact David Snyder at 

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