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RTs tick all the boxes!

Posted by Justin Schroeder on

Reflections of the Kiev Round Table from Justin, living and working for the gospel in Macedonia.

RTs tick all the boxes!

With the next Radstock Round Table (RT) only four weeks away---and my kids out of the house for a couple hours!---I was inspired to reflect on my experience at the previous RT in Kiev. The invitation to the Albania RT included four ideas that RTs are supposed to exhibit, and I can confidently say that, for someone involved in a current Radstock mission project in Macedonia, the Kiev RT ticked every item on the list.


The highlight for me was spending prolonged time with a big group of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Living in an area where you can count the number of Christians on two hands makes moments like these incredibly encouraging. Worshiping together, hearing how God has moved in other places, and simply being reminded of the global unity we have in Christ helped me leave encouraged and renewed for the battle ahead.

Round Table = CHALLENGE

Unchecked encouragement could easily lead to complacency; fortunately, the Kiev RT had a healthy dose of challenge and accountability to accompany the encouragement. Seeing so many people who are invested in Radstock’s mission reminded me that I represent both the church and the organization that sent me, and I want to serve well in their name. Hearing how God has brought remarkable transformation to other nations (from a few believers in Mongolia to many thousands in less than 30 years!) also challenged me to believe that God can do the same thing for Macedonia.

Round Table = FELLOWSHIP

While it’s probably not anyone’s first thought about the RT, I can’t help but admit that I had a lot of fun in Kiev. Chatting over lunch. Playing board games at night. Exploring a new city. All with a mix of new and old friends from around the globe. RTs present an excellent opportunity to share in the joy Christ has given us!


At the end of the day, one of the best parts of the RT was realizing anew that I am not alone. The call to go and make disciples of all nations is not an individual call, but a communal one. I think one of Radstock’s greatest strengths is how they so clearly embody this ideal, and the RT put this on full display. People from several different countries, speaking several different languages, representing several different generations---working together to help spread the Gospel of Christ to all corners of the earth!

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