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russian church planting - in london!

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Russia, Andrei and Natasha PetrineMeet Andrei and Natasha Petrine (pictured). Both from Russia, Andrei and Natasha are resident in the UK, and Andrei has been in church leadership in London for several years. He is now striking out in a new direction - church planting among the 200,000+ Russian-speakers living in London. The vast majority of these have no connection with any kind of church. 

The vision includes establishing a central church, probably meeting in an existing building. Ministry will be primarily in Russian. Also envisaged are satellite communities meeting in different parts of London, along with educational, English language and other support facilities for a disparate group of people at the margins of UK culture.

The project is in its infancy right now. Needless to say, the vision is huge, and the resources, humanly speaking, are tiny. But we have a big God, and right now, the biggest need is for prayer:

  • that the right premises will be found for a ministry base
  • for suitable accommodation for the Petrine family
  • for appropriate support structures around the new ministry

Other opportunities for partnership, including specific financial requests, will emerge as the project develops. Financially, the long-term aim is for the work to be self-supporting.


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