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Shining as Lights

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. (Ephesians 5:11)

This story came to us recently from one of our network churches in Mongolia:

‘Enkhtsetseg’ (not her real name), is a church member who works as an accountant in a local government organisation. She was invited by her boss to embezzle funds intended for some kindergartens and to split those funds between the two of them. She knew that refusal could cost her her job. But Enkhtsetseg declined anyway, saying that as a Christian, she could not be party to such a wicked activity. Her boss then threatened to fire her. But Enkhtsetseg calmly replied that if she did this, she would tell everyone what her boss was up to. 

Enkhtsetseg remained in her post, and eventually her boss apologized to her. Needless to say, because of one believer’s firm stand, many children will have a better start in life than they might otherwise have had.

Please do keep praying for Mongolian believers to stand firm. The potential for believing businessmen and women to witness to the love and justice of Jesus in the midst of corruption is great...and we can be involved in this!

Click here to support the growth of small businesses of integrity in this economically troubled land.

Tags: micro-business development, corruption, witnessing


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