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slaughter or sacrifice, butcher or physician

Posted by Peter Walters on

Posted by Brad Byrd


Kosova, slaughter?

Just before breakfast Ezzie discovered, during her early morning goat check, a sick one in the herd. This poor creature had an infection in her skull and lost an eye. Upon telling one of the shepherds, he cut his milking short and was off to get some medicine or so she thought. When the other brother arrived with the butcher I knew they would be exacting medicine of a different kind. So as we sat enjoying our breakfast on the patio, one of Ezzie's charges was shedding her blood, skin and a whole lot more only yards away. 

As I reflected on it later in the morning I was reminded of another slaughter come sacrifice 2000 years ago. See it was a sheep not a goat that was sacrificed for my spiritual health.

Due to the sin in my life (i.e spiritual blindness and infection) I deserved the same fate, to be cut off from the herd. But in God's mercy he sent a physician not a butcher to rescue me. In the place of my sinful punishment the Lamb of God was slain and I was healed, spiritually speaking that is. How privileged I am to have this starkly clear reminder of what Jesus did for me on the cross 2000 years ago.

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