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news from the Radstock network

Support Church Planters in Mongolia Through Business Development

Posted by Peter Walters on

Meet Naraa and her family!  After attending training with Seedtime, a Radstock partner ministry in Mongolia, Naraa grew her traditional souvenir business which feeds and clothes her family - and provides 90% of her church's income.   Naraa's is one of several Seedtime-generated...

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Tags: mongolia, micro-enterprise, business, gobi

all of our work is for the building up of his kingdom

Posted by Brad Byrd on

Posted by Brad Byrd. Church planter Tim Chester (http://timchester.wordpress.com) with The Crowded House network reminds us that being about our Father’s work means all of our work is for the building up of his kingdom: Business for the kingdom - John Laing John Laing died in 1978...

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Tags: john laing, business

and they're off...

Posted by on

Posted by Radstock staff. Church-based businesses begin in the Gobi Desert . Arising from Radstock's connections, a small team set out in May from St Mary's Old Harlow , UK to teach business start-up skills to church planters and their associates in Mongolia. Micro-Enterprise Development is...

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Tags: mongolia, business

as the world watches

Posted by Brad Byrd on

The world’s spot light is on China at the moment. For the next few weeks countless millions will have their tv’s tuned into the Olympics. As we watch the games let us also lift the host nation up in prayer. A nation where following Jesus is forbidden and the church meets in...

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Tags: china, micro enterprise, finance, business

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