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Why Church Should Be Local

Posted by Steve Palframan on

Writing in 1933 German geographer Walter Christaller came up with a theory called “Central Place Theory”. His idea was to provide an explanation for the distribution of services and people around cities. Now Christaller was a clever chap and it’s over 20 years since I studied...

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Tags: church, local

Mercy and the Gospel

Posted by Mike Mckinley on

There's some sturm und drang these days about the role of mercy ministry in the life of the church. And I can totally understand why. Evangelicals keep flirting with the temptation to put gospel proclamation and social action on equal footing, as if we can do one and not the other. I think...

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Tags: local, food pantry, mercy

Respect the local leadership

Posted by Anthony Adams on

I am writing this from an internet cafe in Kosovo. We are on a short-term mission trip this week where we are trying to assist a local church here in their work amongst families in the community. It is a good time and as I have been here I have been reminded of the importance of flexibility, and...

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Tags: mission, kosovo, local, church, leaders, respect, serve, radstock

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