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news from the Radstock network

Lordsway Ministries and Gifts of Hope

Posted by Kara Callaghan on

A hearty welcome to Lordsway Ministries who recently joined Radstock as a network of 13 key churches!  Lordsway plants churches in Zambia and Malawi.  Through Lordsway's charity/non-profit Children in Crisis Africa [CiCA], they seek to help strengthen and empower families to care...

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Tags: zambia, cica, children, gifts of hope

easter harvest in zambia!

Posted by Nick Lugg on

Posted by Nick Lugg Back in April, our Zambia network partners, Lordsway Ministries, held their 3rd Easter conference. Easter is the time we have set for all of our churches to come together, and in previous years we have had wonderful times, but nothing to compare with what happened this...

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Tags: zambia, lordsway ministries, easter conference, church planting

through the congo

Posted by Erica Lugg on

Posted by Erica Lugg.  The CiCA team and some extras took their first journey into rural Zambia. 13 women and the 3 men travelled through Congo to the other side of Zambia, and Erica Lugg was one of the team.  Read about their adventure and how God used it to bring mercy to those in...

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Tags: zambia

rising fuel prices good for africa?

Posted by Brad Byrd on

Posted by Brad Byrd and Nick and Erica Lugg High fuel prices and soaring food costs may not be all bad and may actually be creating access to capital for the poor of Africa. According the the Wall Street Journal (6/30/08) "Rising prices are luring more private investors to Africa's food sector...

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Tags: farming, africa, zambia, micro enterprise development

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