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Take your ministry seriously, but don't take yourself seriously (3)

Posted by Brian Jose on

Brian JoseRadstock Director Brian Jose began this series of posts late last year in response to an article suggesting that 'the West' was no longer the centre of the Spirit's mission (read part 1 and part 2)


Second, once we listen, we can begin to learn how to serve. My brothers and sisters in Albania constantly shock me and humble me with their expressions of appreciation.

"Can you mentor me?" 

"Nobody else knows this dream I have, but I wanted to ask you what you think and if God will speak to me through you." 

"Here's what's happening in our church.
What advice do you have?"


I think to myself, "if they only knew...", but, in fact, that's wrong of me.

A key legacy many of us have to pass on is our experience and history.

If we've seen how the gospel gets passed through generations of families, how church leaders handle failure and criticism, and how new vision is wisely discerned and assessed (or not)...

...if we can humbly offer our insight in a manner that allows the leaders God has raised up in the Global South to adapt and contextualise our wisdom, experience and knowledge, it adds octane to the fuel of the Spirit.

This movement of the Spirit is to be taken seriously. 
Whether I am a mover and shaker in it, is not.


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