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The Persecuted Believers Fund

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

Imagine if a few weeks ago... you couldn't go home for Christmas.

In a restricted country where there is deep hostility to the gospel, new converts to Christianity face serious threat from their community and even their own families. They can't go home. Their lives are often in danger. 

Radstock is raising funds to create Barnabas House, a safe house for those facing persecution.

Barnabas House will provide accommodation and discipleship for up to 8 new believers, giving them a platform to integrate into work and church life in a major city, with a somewhat increased measure of safety.

What Difference Could Your Giving Make?

If you don't feel like you can give - please do share the persecuted believers fund with others who you think might be able to support. That costs nothing, but does increase the exposure of what we are working towards. We would love to see Barnabas House shared far and wide!

For £250 / $325 you can provide 1 months' rent for a persecuted believer.

We see real value in showing the difference that one off donations can make to a persecuted believer:

- £30 / $40 buys a bed for a persecuted believer (8 needed).
- £60 / $80 pays for 3 months of gas bills.
- £120 / $160 covers 3 months of electricity bills.

For £6,500 / $8,500 we can rent (and fully furnish) a home for 12 months to house and disciple 8 persecuted believers.

Will you help us reach our goal to make Barnabas House a reality?




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