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The Shkodër Summer Camp: Part 2

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

We’ve been providing updates from The Disciples Of Jesus Church summer camps in In Shkodër that many Radstock supporters helped to make happen.

Due to the amount they were given, the church were able to run two summer camps this year: one in the final week of August, and the second camp in the first week of September.

If you want to find out how the first week went you can find out here.

In this blog we want to share with you some feelings from the Church themselves, and give you a window into how the second week went.


The Disciples Of Jesus Church Summer Camp: September 2020

The second week followed the same format as the first: the 5 days of camp were spent in different locations, and the gospel was taught in all 5 locations.

At the end of camp there is a special event that parents come, and the gospel is also shared with them too.

This camp had another 30 students attend, which meant that across both camps there were 60 in total.

Edi Gjoni, the pastor at The Disciples Of Jesus Church said: ‘These numbers were such a blessing given the times’. Weeks before the team expected that the camps wouldn’t be able to even run at all, yet prayerfully hoped the opposite.

It was even better news that across the two camps there were 20 youths and 10 children who attended for the very first time.

Well worth the time, effort and money!

God's Desire To Get His Gospel Out

The camps have served for a helpful reminder of God’s goodness, even through these tough times.

A few months ago people in Albania were in lockdown, unable to leave their house unless they had special permission. What a turn in events, in what seems like a narrow window of time.

It’s also a wonderful testament to seeing God’s commitment to getting his gospel out, even when we think it might be too difficult.


Thanks To All Who Have Supported

Pastor Edi Gjoni wanted to share his thanks for all who supported the camps this year.

Whether through prayer, or financial support, the church have truly felt the care and generosity of everyone involved.

Particular thanks go out to Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Grace Community Church Michigan, Grace Church White Lake Michigan, and the Radstock supporters who helped financially support these camps.


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