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The Shkodër Summer Camp

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When The Disciples Of Jesus Church In Shkodër told us that their yearly summer camps for students might not be able to go ahead - we decided to match the first $1000 that they could raise.

The Lord provided in abundance and they managed to raise $3000 towards their summer camp, with many Radstock supporters helping them to reach this target.

This means that they can run multiple camps across the summer, and the first happened last week...

In this blog we want to share with you what happens at an Albanian summer camps, and share with you the daily news that we'd been receiving from the church.

The Disciples Of Jesus Church Summer Camp: August 2020

Across the 5 days of camp, the students will visit different places, and the gospel will be taught in all 5 locations.

The camp culminates with a  special meeting at the church building to celebrate the end of camp. At this special event parents come, and everyone shares what happened on the camp. The gospel is also shared with them here too.

But that’s at the end… Let’s go back to the beginning.

Day One

On day one the students went out deep into the Albanian Alps. Surrounded by mountains they hiked up a rough trail. When they reached the top there was a BBQ, games and a talk from the Bible: Jesus’ sermon on the mount.

Day Two

Day one was up in the mountains, but day two was down on the beach.

The group explored the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea with led to good conversations & deepened relationships.

The weather was exactly what you’d want for a day at the beach, with the sun glistening off of the water.

It helped create a great contract as the leaders taught from Jesus’ miracle on the Sea of Galilee, where the weather was different to say the least!

Day Three

This is when relationships on camps start to swing in a more positive way. It’s the halfway point, and so the students start to feel more relaxed.

The leaders can often feel the change - and they can really get to know the students on a personal level. There is often real opportunity for the gospel to work in their hearts.

Day three saw the group ascend up the mountains once more, where they walked alongside a river of cool, cold refreshing water. It helped to set the scene for the teaching: the woman by the well in the heat of the day, where Jesus claimed to be Living Water.

After much swimming, games and volley ball… there were some sleepy students by the end of the day.

Day Four

After a good night sleep, it was all action on day 4 with sports being played with high energy & enthusiasm throughout the day!

On the grassy field the students played games of volley ball, dodge ball, football, jump rope and wheelbarrow relay races.

The teaching was on Jesus being ‘the good shepherd’ and at the end the leaders offered to pray with anyone who wanted to trust in Jesus.

Eleven students came forward to pray. Praise the Lord, and do keep praying for these young people.

Day Five

After all of the walking and games over the past few days, the camp ended at the local pool. What a chance to freshen up!

The day was spent playing water relay games, with unofficial diving contests, jumping competitions and splashing (of course!)

The students could have kept going until late into the night, they were having so much fun… but there was time for a break at lunch.

This is when the leaders taught about Jesus healing the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. 

And then, the camp returned home… to the church building to share about all of the experiences from the camp, and to teach the good news of the gospel to the parents.

It All Happens Again

Due to the amount raised, the team were able to plan a second summer camp.

It's happening from the 2nd - 5th of September, and will be a children’s camp run in the same format.

Please do be praying for the 11 students who responded to the gospel on this camp, and for all of those who the Spirit will work in their hearts.

Also pray for the camp this coming week and for the leaders to have energy and love!



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