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this will challenge your church. or you're already dead.

Posted by Brian Jose on

"As much as prayer is lacking, so much do I expect difficulties in our work."

These words were spoken by a husband and father whose family are moving from Kosovo to church plant among Muslims elsewhere in the Balkans.

Their church in Kosovo has about 12 people. And they're sending one of their most experienced and equipped couples. They formally commissioned them a couple of weeks ago and have been incredibly generous to them.  

Kosovo has about 500 active believers among its 2 million people.  I make that about 0.025%.  If the countries below had that percentage of believers, here's how it would look:

Albania: 900
(Actual = approx. 14,500 or 0.5%)

Canada: 8,700
(Actual = approx. 2,601,000 or 7.7%)

UK: 15,500
(Actual - 5,490,000 or 8.8%)

USA: 78,000 (4 mega churches!)
(Actual = 91,765,000 or 28.9%)

What a sacrifice for their church and the nation of Kosovo!

Admittedly, the most positive estimate about the ethnic group within the nation they're going to is one believer among every 65,000 people.  That's 0.0015%.  So the need there is more than 15 times greater than even the huge need in Kosovo...

That's why this man knows, "as much as prayer is lacking, so much do I expect difficulties in our work."

If you want to get on the family's newsletter list, send money to support them, or just give them a note of encouragement (one sentence, even!) then contact us for details we can't publish here on our public site.


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