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Ukraine: How Is Your Giving Making A Difference?

Posted by Radstock Ministries on

We have seen over these last few weeks astonishing events unfolding, both In terms of the horror of evil perpetrated and the amazing love and bravery on display.

Many of you have given generously to our appeal. Funds are now with those working to relieve suffering and reach out with hope. So far, the money raised has been spread across three places:

- A network of churches in Poland.

- A church in Lviv, Ukraine,

- A church pastor working in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Giving to Ukraine, through Radstock, is still available and you can use this link to do this.

Your Money Is Making A Difference In Poland

We have send money to Polish churches who are renting apartments for refugees, giving food, clothing, and Ukrainian New Testaments. The money has also gone towards shuttling people from the border to places of safety.

Our Executive Director, Brian Jose and our Norther Europe Director Anthony Adams have recently returned from visiting brothers and sisters in Poland.

Church leader Piotr writes:


We send love and thanks for your help. Some of the money we have planned to use to rent some cheap places for accommodation, while the rest will be use to supply food and medication.

Here is a report of our key person who co-ordinates refugees from Ukraine.  (Please remember to turn on English subtitles)

We took in 12 more people since yesterday. There are 5 people in my house - a mother + 4 daughters (ages 8-15). We went out for the first time with them. [They are] non-believers but are reading the New Testament which I gave to them on Sunday.

God is working... even in these bad times. Praise the LORD!"

- Piotr (Church Leader)

Your Money Is Making A Difference In Lviv, Ukraine

Support is going out to a church in Lviv who, in co-operation with another church, have turned a kindergarten into temporary accommodation for displaced persons. Many of the church members are also housing people in their own homes.

They are working to shuttle people from the eastern and central areas to Lviv and then deliver others, who are able to leave, to the border.

Your Money Is Making A Difference In Kyiv, Ukraine

At the end of March we managed to establish a route to get money directly into Kyiv, specifically to Ivan, a pastor who has chosen to stay in Kyiv with those in the church (and others) who are unable to leave. His big request is for food and medicines. He writes:

"The biggest need is getting food and medicine. The prices went up and these things are not easily available. 

Nobody [has] work[ed] in Ukraine for the past 3 weeks. Some people don't have savings. We are planning to help those in the church and outside the church who encounter financial problems. We will focus on the elderly and the sick. If the Russian troops besiege the city completely and start the offensive, there will be many more needs."

Helping Refugees From Ukraine

While Radstock is not able to organise taking in refugees from Ukraine we know and recommend these organisations for anyone in the UK who wants to support and/or participate in caring for refugees:

- Sanctuary Foundation

- Welcome Churches

Giving to Ukraine, through Radstock, is still available and you can use this link to do this.

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