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Ukraine to Bosnia, Part Two

Posted by Amy Tyson on

Find out how you can pray for the tiny church in Konjic as they welcome a new team member!

What are you looking forward to about Ira joining you?   I am very joyful when I see God's children obeying Jesus' call to go and make disciples around the world. It is also encouraging when we see God answering prayers that He will provide workers for the harvest (Matthew 28:19-20). We are excited about being a team from many different cultures; we see this as revealing something of the diverse nature of God. It is also a chance for us to demonstrate our unity as Jesus' disciples: loving one another, and so bringing glory to our Father in Heaven (John 17:23).

We see clearly that God's calling is on Ira's life. We are excited about the prospect of growing together and the contribution that Ira will bring to the team as she uses the gifts that God has given her. The mission field is a great place for Christians to grow: we are not just learning theories, but we have an opportunity to know God closely and experience His relationship with us.

What excites you about this partnership?  Sarah, who recently joined our team from the UK, says: “I am very excited about having Ira join us. We will be living together in a flat in Konjic, which will be a great opportunity to build on relationships with our Bosnian neighbours and to develop contacts and ministries, especially among young people. Being a multi-cultural team is a great blessing. We each have different characters and experiences, which help us build relationships with different people. National identity is very tied in with religion for many people here, so it is an important testimony to show that the church of Christ is made up of people from all backgrounds and cultures.”

How can we pray for you all as Ira settles into life in your team?  We recognise that there will be challenges for Ira as she takes her first steps in mission and moves to a Muslim context.

Please ask that God will be preparing Ira for this transition.

Please pray for the process of registering and obtaining a visa once Ira arrives in Konjic.

Ira will have an advantage in learning Bosnian, as there are many similarities with her own language, but pray especially for clear communication in the team and for Ira as she also seeks to develop her English.

My family and Sarah have been very blessed by experiencing the faithfulness of God in our lives, and we anticipate that Ira will also experience God's faithfulness as she prepares to come join us in Konjic.


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