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urgent prayer - georgia

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The current fighting in Georgia brings to the fore once again the troubled history of the Caucasus and its many people-groups. The Caucasus is that strip of land between Turkey, Iran and southern Russia. Although a relatively small geographical area, the peoples who live here have been separated over the centuries by geography (the Caucasus is very mountainous), and mutual mistrust and hatred. Chechnya, Beslan, Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkharia are all areas of the Caucasus that have hit the news for the wrong reasons in recent years.

The special dynamic of this latest conflict there is the involvement of the regular forces of two sovereign countries - Georgia and Russia, making this situation particularly dangerous, and its consequences difficult to predict. News services are already reporting heavy casualties. The stakes are very high on all sides, for Russia and Georgia, and for the Ossetian people, whose territory straddles the border of both countries.

The Radstock network does not currently have connections in the Caucasus, but there are many churches in this region. Some of these churches may connect to the network in the future, but one thing that can be said for certain is that they are right there, right now, in the thick of it. Please pray that the churches would be strengthened in their witness to the peace and love that can only come through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, for an early cessation of hostilities, as well as for early access for humanitarian relief efforts.


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